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THE MILKY WAY at Planet Learnalot features Mrs. L's family and classroom photos.

2006-2007 Classroom Photos Turkey Project
2005-2006 Classroom Photos Icon Project

I'd like to introduce you to my gallery of work - my family.

Daughter Kayla Daughter Kayla
Daughter Kayla, at age 15, photos taken Fall 2009 Homecoming Dance
Kayla attends Kenston High School
Son Jakob, age 13.5, summer 2011. Jakob and Olivia, summer 2011
Son Jakob, at age 11, photos taken Fall 2009.
Jakob photoshopped himself into Beatles photo for his 12th birthday invite.
Jakob is a "character"
Baby daughter Olivia, born July 14, 2010!
Olivia loves her kiddie pool. Olivia loves to swing, too!
Gamer Baby.
Her big brother dressed her up in his Xbox Live gear! 
Olivia is 2 days old.
Olivia at the park on a warm Fall day.
If her birthday is July 14, 2010, about how old is she now?
Our yellow labrador, Watch Your "Step". We call him Step. He was born January 6, 2000. How old is he?
Scott, Kayla, Hedy (Mrs. L), and Jakob - 2002
(We need a new family photo!!)
My first two kids, Kayla and Jakob - 2002
Mrs. Hedy Laverdiere
Some things about me:

I was named after a movie star, Hedy Lamarr, from the 1940's.
My youngest, Olivia Harlow Laverdiere, is also named after two famous actresses - Olivia DeHavilland (she played Miss Melanie in Gone with the Wind) and Jean Harlow.
My favorite color is purple.
I love flowers. I have huge gardens.
I really like frogs. I have a "dry" sense of humor.
I'm very creative and love painting scenes in rooms. I like to recycle and repurpose (make something new from something old).
Olivia wears cloth diapers (they velcro just like a regular one and come in lots of cute colors!) to help the environment.
I like to sew. I make some of Olivia's clothes and most Halloween costumes. I sewed her cloth diaper wipes. I've made her some shoes (below), too!

I love outerspace as I think astronauts get to use the most advanced technology available!! Space is so COOL!
I love gadgets, especially techy gadgets (and I love office supplies!).
I love to read. I read books, I read for information online.
I love to research and find cool activities and games to link from my website for my students.
I LOVE to teach and have always wanted to be a teacher. Learning is EXCITING and students teach me something new every day!
Technology is the coolest set of tools out there! There's always something new to learn!

"Mrs. L," 3rd Grade, 1975 - Can YOU find ME?
"Mrs. L," Kindergarten, 1972 - Can YOU find ME?


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